My experience with LaravelLive Jaipur meetup | Bonus: My talk slide

Dheeraj jha
3 min readMay 29, 2023


My experience with LaravelLive Jaipur’s first-ever meetup and launch of a community for Laravel India has been thrilling. Let’s go ahead with a quick take on my Experience with this meetup.

As soon I sat in the car, the weather got awesome, we started our drive to Jaipur in heavy rain followed by vivid sky on the, encountered wide open sky and beautiful cloudscape on Delhi Mumbai expressway.

Everything made sense to me when we had concluded the great start of the LaravelLive Jaipur chapter’s first-ever meetup.

We started with Manish Prajapati who started with a meetup by sharing why Laravel and Why Laravel community? He shared his experience with Laravel Community so far.

Followed by that, I tried to cover all the points on the wide subject of performance optimization, I will try to share a detailed blog post on each of the slides in the coming days.

Next, Geet Purwar presented a superb tool Bannertize and helped the audience to know how can we use dynamic images in many of development as well as a marketing strategy.

We loved to hear from Ankush Malhotra on Solid Principal and gave pretty good example of it.

And last but not least, We had Manpreet Singh from MezoHub who demonstrated how we can get rid of all frustration by fully automating deployment to get our Laravel app up and working in 10m.

I love to express my gratitude to the entire team and fellow developers in the audience who made my session alive, interactive and lively.

Followed by a Group photo with all of us in a single frame, happy, smiling

Also, I can’t miss Jaipur’s Kulhad tea on my journey, so here it is.

I, by heart thankful to the LaravelLive Jaipur team, Team Octal Info Solution Pte. Ltd and Manish Prajapati for such a great organization and hosting.

In the coming days, I will be sharing details of my talk in a series of blog posts, for now, I am happy to share my talk slide below.

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